In the coming years, Generation Z (roughly born between 1997 to 2012) will become the new face of the workforce. Recruiting Generation Z is far more different than the previous generations.

So, modern recruiters need to rethink their recruiting tactics to attract, approach, and retain top talents.


In this read, you’ll find out the characteristics of Gen Z-ers and what they are looking for in the workplace.

Generation Z: At a glance

When compared with their predecessors, Gen Z-ers have experienced a much more volatile world. Older Gen-Zers have bore witness to events like 9/11, the Iraq War, and The Great Recession of 2007. Throughout the years of 2010s, this generation witnessed the world become increasingly polarized politically.

Now, in the 2020s, they are making their first attempts to build a career during a deadly coronavirus crisis – the world’s largest pandemic in over one century.

So the question is, how do these experiences impact their thinking about career choices? In reality, Gen-Zers have a very different approach, perspectives, beliefs, values, and priorities than those of previous generations when looking for a job.

A quick recap of previous generations and what they look for in a job:

  • The Greatest Generation looked for steadiness
  • Baby Boomers searched for wealth-building opportunities
  • Generation X valued work-life balance
  • Millennials sought jobs that would provide unique and fascinating life experiences.

What about Gen Z? Let’s read to find out!

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