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☆ Increase the performance up to 3x
☆ A MUST-HAVE solution for Talent Acquisition, Recruiters, Headhunters.

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B2B Clients
1 %
Growth per month
3 x
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Digital Transformation in Recruitment
save more than 65% of your time.

Custom your own brand

Customize your brand with your own domain, theme, company info, email template, interview questions, jobs on your job portal website.

Engage your candidates

You can view resumes, chat with candidates via Zalo or WhatsApp to convince and increase the conversion rate.

Talent Acquisition

You are able to write the content, sharing the jobs to social media such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter to attract talents.

Secure your candidate data

Candidates are your soft assets, all confidential, absolutely safe, and unlimitedly stored. You can export it to excel anytime

Manage the full hiring process

You can manage the recruitment process from applying to onboarding on the Kanban board and tracking status automatically.

Candidate referral system

Help you increase the number of candidates in your network with an affiliate campaign.

Interview team collaboration

The people involved in the interview will interact through scheduling interviews and posting interview results easily.

Real-time notification

Stakeholders, including the recruiter, interviewer, candidate, and referrer can monitor the candidate's status in real-time.

Candidate offer process

Employers send the offer and candidates can sign it online right on this platform easily.


✪ Improve the recruitment 3x performance
Take care of your talent pools anytime, anywhere on PC and mobile
Categorize to find potential candidates quickly
Top choice of Talent Acquisition 4.0


85% of businesses using InTalents are expected to see profit growth next year
90% of hiring professionals acknowledge InTalents positively impacted their work
✪ InTalents reduces redundancy by 75%, increases the speed of reports by 70%, and reduces recruitment effort by 30%

1,000+ trusted clients

Why customers
choose InTalents

✪ They find it saves from 60% effort than doing it on excel
Increase the performance of recruiting potential candidates by 3 times compared to before
✪ They can search candidates in the database easily even on the smartphone
✪ There is a completely FREE plan, not a 7-day trial like some other platforms


Candidates are the assets of Headhunters who want to manage potential candidates to offer companies, increase contracts.

Talent Acquisition

For those who want to attract talents, build employer branding, and want a "CRM' + landing page to grow candidates.


For those who need to manage a perfect, professional and highly efficient recruitment process from the time candidates apply to the time they are on board.


People who want to find potential co-founders and teams to develop your product together.

Grow your network, grow your opportunities

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Our trusted customers say

InTalents has helped me manage the hiring process more systematically, interacting with interview departments automatically. In addition, I can also track recruitment results anytime, anywhere, even on mobile.
Recruitment Manager
I used to use Excel to manage candidates before. Since InTalents, it really helped me increase my productivity a lot in recruitment. I spend the rest of the time focusing on attracting candidates, making relationships with partners and customers.
Mila Kunis
CRHO NovaTech
Digital transformation in recruitment has allowed me to spend more time with my family since using InTalents.
Mike Sendler
Talent Acquisition Manager
Frequently asked questions


Sure. InTalents has a completely FREE plan. No card required. When you need a higher demand, you can upgrade to the Premium package.
Certainly yes. We are always committed to the security and safe storage of customer data, with daily backup.
It is very simple by selecting the appropriate package in the Subscription menu, then enter the VISA/MASTER card (secured by Stripe so it is absolutely safe). You can cancel the plan any time without any risk.
Live chat is the right channel for you to communicate with us anytime if you need support.
You can watch it on InTalents Youtube channel here.
Yes, you can chat with candidates through the Zalo/WhatsApp button on the candidate's profile, making it easier to communicate and convince candidates.
Sure. You can launch a candidate referral campaign and send links in your network, the referrer can leave information and can track the status of the referred candidate.
You create a job, it will appear on the job portal, then you share this job link and write content on social networks to attract candidates to apply.
Unlike other platforms, InTalent has a JD template available to quickly create a job opportunity, you just need to edit it accordingly. To create a job very quickly, suitable for head hunters who do not have JD available.
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