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Privacy Policy - InTalents

Personal data of Intalents.co visitors

‍Intalents processes the personal data of visitors of Intalents.co as described in this paragraph, excluding the visitors of careers websites of customers (Visitors).

Intalents collects and uses the personal data of Visitors for the purpose of:

  • The functioning of the website;
  • Monitoring the performance of the website;
  • Supporting the business operations of Intalents, including sales and marketing;
  • Improving and optimizing the website and services of Intalents.

The categories of personal data used for the purposes listed under this paragraph are:

  • Device, browser and referrer;
  • Unique identifiers;
  • Timezone and approximate location;
  • Usage of the website;
  • Requests and responses sent to and from your device.

Intalents and it’s partners place cookies for all the purposes listed under this paragraph.

Intalents uses its legitimate interests for processing personal data for purposes listed under this paragraph, such legitimate interests are the same as the purposes that Intalents processes personal data for. The personal data listed under this paragraph will be deleted when it is no longer necessary for the purposes it was collected for.

Personal Data of Users

Intalents processes personal data of Users for the following purposes:

  • Intalents’s customer support and success;
  • Intalents’s billing and administration;
  • Providing the Intalents SaaS and accompanying services;
  • Sales and marketing of Intalents’s product and services.

The Customer and/or User primarily decides the retention period for all personal data that he can control the retention of through the SaaS or that he can provide instructions for under the agreements between Customer and Intalents. Intalents will delete personal data relating to Users after the services associated with the personal data are canceled and the personal data is no longer necessary for any of the purposes listed in this paragraph.

Intalents’s use and transfer to any other app of information received from Google APIs will adhere to the Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements. Information from Google APIs includes information from any Gmail account or Google Calendar account that a User connects to the SaaS. Intalents will not use information from a User’s Gmail account or Google Calendar account for any other purpose than providing the Intalents SaaS.

Cookie permissions

Upon visiting our website for the first time you are presented with our cookie consent tool. The cookie consent tool offers Visitors a choice to either accept or reject cookies that require your consent under data protection law. Intalents will always respect your choices. It’s also possible to either disable or delete our cookies in your internet browser.